June 2004

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June 24, 2004 | Sweet Merciful Crap

So after succumbing to peer pressure, I posted a swap on gmail swap. Within the same minute my post went up, I got two takers on my offer. I offered some postcards for a gmail invite. Not magic postcards. Just regular postcards from this dull area in which I live. Within about 10 seconds, less time then it took for me to actually write and post the message, I got two takers. That’s something.

Ahh, the power of cheese.

I mean, ahh, the power of the Internet.

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June 22, 2004 | Workplace Adventures

Today was a hell of a day at work. Parking was a goat-bastid today. They closed off one of the auxilary parking lots that we had access to. Normally, when I get there in the mornings, there’s still plenty of spots in the main lot. Today, it was jam packed, so I had to go to a secondary, offsite lot, wait for a shuttle bus in the rain, and take 10 minutes for a 5 minute ride. So I wound up being a total of 20 mins late, and had to stay to make up the time. My employer states they do not gaurantee parking. Well, I don’t gaurantee being here on time, if that’s the case. Strangely, my employer choose not to see it that way. That parking thing just made me twitchy the whole day, and I was an even bigger snot today than I normally am. Well, if they hadn’t forced me to change my schedule, maybe I wouldn’t have been a snot, but who can tell? Speaking of schedule changes, I hear through the rumor mill that I may soon return to my nighttime funtime schedule. Mayhaps there is a daytime replacement for me forthcoming. Goddamn, but do I hope that’s the case.

In other news, Sir Batcat is sleeping on my bookshelf again. I wouldn’t have noticed her if she hadn’t been snoring. That’s right, she was snoring. It’s cause she’s sick. Poor kitty cat.

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Fun and Suck

I decided on my new color scheme, as you can see. I have to go through and do my comments and archives to match, but the main page is at least done.

Someone I knew just lost their spouse. I’m going to the funeral services tomorrow morning.

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June 20, 2004 | Work work!

I’m working on a new color scheme, so if things look like you dropped a few too many tabs of acid for a little while, it’s because I’m not done yet.

EDIT (11:28 PM): Rest assured, the zaniness you see here is not my final answer. There is still much work to be done. Why is most of my speach pop culture/geek references?

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I totally owned the One Pixel Problemâ„¢. It was the dumbest and stupidest fix ever, and I even contemplated it in the past, but dismissed it as being too simple. “That’ll never work!” I said. But tonight, I tried it anway, and guess what? IT WORKED. What did I do? Observe:


That’s it. That’s all it took. Move that shit over one pixel in the other direction. I’m pretty sure it’s not supposed to work like that, but it does. Who’s the chump now, CSS? Huh? WHO’S THE CHUMP NOW?!

In unrelated news, I added a fun language filter to the site. Expect so see some weird fucking posts in the future.

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pwn3d b1tc43s!!!1one.


Although that wierd permissions problem which I’ve made no reference to prior hasn’t been completely solved, it doesn’t need to be at this point, although I’d like it to be. So, we’re back. To quote a song from the Ghostbuster II soundtrack:

We’re back!
We’re back to fight the evil,
we will never decieve you.

Ahem. I’ll cross that off my list of obscure things to references. Maybe I should post my list of weird things I want to do, but I get the feeling that doing that will drive away visitors rather than attract them. Not that I care, but why shoot my site in the nads if I don’t need to. Besides, My Twisted Mind has had enough kicks to the junk today.

I am now at the point I was yesterday evening. I have some minor bugs to work out with my site layout to make everything happy, but mostly this shit is up and running, as is Mangonuts. I’m glad to be sticking with Movable Type, because I was getting seriously annoyed with the alternatives. They were by and large lame, and many were startalingly(sp?) insecure. My archives, as I’ve mentioned previously are currently not on my server, but I’ll see if I can get those back up, and fix my One Pixel Problemâ„¢. Don’t know what that is? WELL TOO BAD. Open your eyes and look around.

I’m a cranky whore. LIKE YOUR MOM!

And while I’m at it, hey workplace? Fuck you.

So, I had another WEIRD ASS PROBLEM. I don’t know if it’s the script or the server, but some shit is seriosuly stupid here. It’s all working again, though.

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June 19, 2004 | Huh

So I don’t know what the hell happened, but I fixed it. Then something else happened. I’m still fixed, but Mangonuts is not. So yeah. That blows, but it’s being worked on. My archives are gone, but I have a copy of them. Maybe I’ll try to manually reupload them, but I doubt it will happen, mainly cause I’m lazy. I still have other things to fix, anyway. So, off to fuck with my site and stuff involving it.

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We’re having some technical difficulties. Please stand by.

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