Posted by Daljit of NORN on January 24th, 2010 filed in After Action Report, Fun, Stuff That's Drad

It’s done! I finished it! Ask the Fatty! is up and running and it’s fat-tastic! This has totally been one of those fool ideas that came from a joke which had no business springing to life into a full fledged project, but there you have it. Ask the Fatty! has got to be up there in my personal list of harebrained ideas, but goddamn if I’m not amused by the whole thing. I don’t really have a lot to say about it since my first few posts on the new site talk about the hilarious trials I had in getting it all off the ground and the sidebar contains the site’s origin story, which is actually factual!

Hey, here’s some insider info for my loyal readers: New features coming soon to Ask the Fatty!. I’ve found some plugins that will allow some pretty slick facey-place integration into both Ask the Fatty! and this site. That’ll probably be coming sometime in the next week cause I’m kinda burned after my week-long website creation/maintenance binge. I’m tired, it’s getting late (or I’m getting old, take your pick), and I’ve got work tomorrow. So for now, I sign off and bid you a good night.

PS: In case any one of you 1 or 2 long time visitors are worried, I’m not abandoning this in favor of Ask the Fatty!. That site has a narrow focus, and anything outside that focus will still be here. See, I’ll have 2 sites to neglect! updates here will continue in a frequent and regular fashion!

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