Unidentified Shiny Objects

Posted by Daljit of NORN on May 28th, 2010 filed in Ask the Fatty!, TV

So… yeah… I was looking for something to put on the TV as background noise while I worked on the Ask the Fatty reviews and I came across some show on History International about UFOs and then it was 2 hours later. Oops. I also kinda wanted to consolidate my RSS feeds into Google Reader instead of my Google homepage so that I could read this endless stream of tomfoolery on the go via Newsrob. I might do that after I do some review work. Or I might do that first. Stupid Shiny Syndromeâ„¢, it always sidetracks me into all kinds of irrelevant stuff. Right now they’re recreating dogfights between UFOs and military pilots who’ve encountered them. They’re going to use an EMP pulse generated via a Tesla coil to blow out a computer to see if it would reboot after the pulse. Apparently you can. And a UFO neutralized some pilot’s avionics during an engagement and they weren’t sure how at the time the dogfight occurred in the 70s.


So yeah, I’m gonna go play around with my RSS feeds. Speaking of which, hey Cat! Tell me if the askthefatty.com RSS link I sent you worked right. I’M DYING TO KNOW SO I MAY INCORPORATE IT DIRECTLY ON THE SITE. NO PRESSURE! ;)

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