A Few Quick Notes…

Posted by Daljit of NORN on June 6th, 2010 filed in Ask the Fatty!, Diagnostic Reports, Fun

Some stuff! I did it today! Read!

  1. Google has developed an online font api thing that lets you use fonts that aren’t even on your computer machine on your website. They had the Droid font available, so I just converted the site to use that instead of Trebuchet or whatever the hell I was using before. Isn’t a trebuchet some kind of medieval siege weapon? I think it threw rocks like a catapult or something. That’s a stupid name for a font.
  2. Cat!
  3. So it turns out I should have previewed what the site looked like before I started writing point number 1 up there. Seems like the Droid font gets a bit cut off no matter what size I make it. Letters like g and y have their little tails chopped off, and we can’t have that! Aside from the humanitarian reasons, it just looks faintly ridiculous. So back to Trebuchet or whatever the hell it was before. Boo!
  4. I’ve had Symphony of Science on repeat for the past few days. I’ll be writing a follow up post to that shortly. Possibly even today!
  5. I just found my eMusic gift cards from before they redid their pricing structure to include 100% more suck. I’ll have to redeem these things and violate their site before they expire.
  6. It’s totally a lazy Sunday today, but I’m going to see if I can get both of my pending candy bar reviews done today. Also I have to look into the Picassa thing for this site.
  7. I need more days off!

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