World Cup 2010 Day 2

Posted by Daljit of NORN on June 13th, 2010 filed in Fun, TV

Wow, some fantastic games today! South Korea ran rings around Greece. I don’t know where Greece thought they were, but it wasn’t the World Cup. I wouldn’t have thought that South Korea would have fared so well considering their ranking, but they schooled the Greeks. South Korea really has to watch their defense though. There were several moments where if the Greeks had brought their A game, South Korea would have given up some really easy goals.

The second game, Argentina vs Nigeria, was mug more of a nail-biter. Both teams played great, but Argentina proved themselves to be quite dangerous. Both teams had some great shots on goal, but Argentina’s goal keeper didn’t let anything by him. Meanwhile, their offense was relentless. It was too much for Nigeria, but not for lack of trying. They played a hell of a game and will also be ones to watch.

I’m watching the second half of the US vs England game now and its been pretty exciting so far. We gave up our typical stupid early goal, which was no surprise. I figured us to lose this game 2 – 0, but its tied up at this point in my DVR recording. I’m certainly startled by this, but in all fairness we should not have gotten that goal. That was a total screw up by the English goalkeeper. I don’t think anyone expected that shot to go in, but the goalie just didn’t maintain controlled of the ball and it went rolling right into the net. He’s gotta be kicking himself for that because its definitely been a morale hosted for the US team. I can’t wait to see how the rest of this turns out, so I’m gonna head back to the game.

BTW, sorry for any typos, my Droid’s autocorrect feature is fairly aggressive and sometimes throws junk in the place of perfectly cromulent words.

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