World Cup 2010 Day 3

Posted by Daljit of NORN on June 14th, 2010 filed in Fun, TV


It just keeps getting better.

Today’s goals were probably the most exciting goals of the game. Algeria vs Slovenia was a tight game all the way through and remained scoreless until the 79th minute when Slovenia scored a huge goal to take the lead and make some history: it was their World Cup win. Both teams had some great shots at goal and kept the pressure up throughout the game, but it was all over after that. It’s an important win for Slovenia because it gives them three very important points in their group; a group they share with the US and England. Slovenia and Algeria are both not expected to make it out of their group, so this win really shakes things up for the group since it England and the US ended up in a draw. Of course, Slovenia could get beat by both of those teams when they play them, but at least they had this impressive first win.

The second game, Serbia vs Ghana was also pretty good. Both teams were doing pretty well: trading shots, maintaining a tight defense and the like, but Serbia gave up an epic penalty kick goal and that gives Ghana an important win and a leg up in the group. What a freaking goal it was! Idiot Serbian player Kuzmanovic had an unbelievably foolish and unnecessary handball IN THE PENALTY ZONE giving Ghana a free kick on goal. Gyan lined up for the shot, took a run at the ball, faked the goalie out and kicked the ball in one direction while the goalie dove in the other. Beautiful. I have to say, I really do feel bad for Kuzmanovic despite his foolishness. He looked like he was going to be sick to his stomach when he realized what he’d done and what it would cost his team. I don’t imagine it was a very pleasant post-game discussion in the locker room today.

Fun fact, both of the above games had a player from the loosing team get ejected for collecting two yellow cards and trading em in for a red card. Nice work, guys!

I’m now watching the Germany and Australia game and the hits just don’t stop coming! I’m a little ways into the second half and let me tell you, it’s like Germany picked up right where they left off in 2006. Granted, they were knocked out by France, but they played amazingly throughout that tournament and this game was no different. Klose has an awesome header 7 minutes in, followed by a later goal by another German player who’s name I forget. Australia is getting schooled. I know they have a young team, but I didn’t think they’d be giving up goals that quickly or often, especially when you consider that in the World Cup qualifiers, they didn’t give up more than a single goal in any game. Not sure how this one is going to end, but my guess is that if you’re Australia, its gonna end in tears. I doubt they can come back, but you never know. Off I go to watch the rest of the game!

PS: Fun Fact about Klose: 7 of his 11 World Cup goals have been headers. Ouch!

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