I need some planks!

Posted by Daljit of NORN on October 14th, 2005 filed in Asteroid Pies

In the words of the guy who does the Black-u-weather forecast in Family Guy:

“It’s raining sideways!”

It is fucking pissing rain here in sunny NY. PISSING RAIN. BECAUSE YOU TOUCH YOURSELF AT NIGHT. Thanks a lot, ass. Lots of the streets all around the island are flooded. I couldn’t go the normal way to school today cause the road leading to the highway I needed to take was submerged. I had to dodge infinite lakes on the highway, and when I got to school, it turned out that a good 1/4th of the parking lot had been converted into the set for Waterworld. Thanks a lot, drama club. At first I was annoyed at all this rain, but then I realized that we’ll soon need ships to get around. And I think we all know what kind of ship I would have. A pirate ship! Yo ho! Anyway, I wandered around the parking lot for 30 minutes looking for parking, and I failed miserably. I was about to leave when a guy in front of me decides to pull out, so I jumped in his spot. Then I went to a Physics recitation where the normal guy wasn’t there and the other guy who was there was just fucking clueless. After that was Physics lecture where the teacher called us all “sleeping fucks” and we proceded to learn nothing cause he’s kind of a crappy teacher. At least he’s funny. Next week, I have a research paper in my Physiology and Biochemestry of Nutrition class due, a midterm in Marine Biology, and a test in Physics. My mom, who GAVE AWAY MY CATS OVER A YEAR AGO SO SHE COULD HAVE A HOME BUSINESS THAT SHE ONLY STARTED TO DO SOMETHING WITH YESTERDAY asked me for my help in removing the wallpaper and painting the walls in the part of the house she wants to run her shit from. As far as I’m concerned, having my cats ripped so cruelly from me constitutes all the fucking help she gets. All in all, a typical day for me. And people wonder why I’m so goddamn cranky. It seems there will be much studying this weekend, cause I need to get shit learned for those tests. I also should probably get started on that research paper. Every time I think I shouldn’t procrastinate, I remember this and suddenly, all is right in the world until the night before shit is due.

I recently heard that it is possible for me to mod my iRiver H340 with a higher capacity battery and a 60 gig HDD instead of the 40 gig HDD that’s in there now. The stock battery gets me around 16ish hours of playtime. The aftermarket battery replaces the stock battery and adds another 10 or so more hours to the playback time. That with an extra 20 gigs of space makes a pimpin` mp3 player even pimper. The battery is surprisingly cheap, <$20, and its fairly reliable considering that others have had these batteries in for more than a year with no problems. The hard drive is kind of expensive, I think I saw it for around $170, but for a 60 gig drive that's only 1.5 inches, that doesn't seem so bad. And of course there's the geek factor of having rice rocketed my mp3 player. It's almost enough to make me wish I could overclock the CPU (as if that would do anything other than drain the battery faster). I can't believe that I have so much music that I only have ~800 MB free out of a 40 GB drive. In other news, I face an interesting choice at work (although some would say it's no choice at all). Yesterday I was called into my manager's office. He's my boss's boss. Usually fuckers get fired in that offce. Since he hates me and the company is downsizing (although they call it something else to make it sound better), I figured "Here comes the argument!" I was for sure thinking I was fired, cause that ratbastard hates me. So what does he do? He tells me about a new position they're creating in the payment center that takes about negative work to do, has super flexible evening hours, and then offeres me that job. I was SO confused. I figure it's some kind of trap. The only (visable) downside to the job is that I'd have to go in on Sundays, but only for about 2-3 hours. I get a day off during the week of my choosing, and if I want to work more hours, they'd certainly welcome it. All in all, it seems like EXACTLY what I was looking for. Oh, and the best part? At least HALF of my time at work, I would be by myself. NO customer contact, NO cow-orker contact, NO management contact. They give me a series of simple tasks, I do them, and they pay me. I'd be working 6-10 and the last employee in that area goes home at 8. Now THAT'S what I call work. The job, if it clears home office, would start in Dec/Jan and would ensure that I don't get laid off this June, like they're planning. I'm seriously considering taking this job. And on that note, I bid farewell. I'm off to ponder a too good to be true oppertunity and start drawing up blueprints for my new pirate sloop. I think I'll call it the USS Yer Mom.

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