World Cup 2010 Day 5

Posted by Daljit of NORN on June 15th, 2010 filed in Fun, TV

This is going to be an early and short update due to my wacky work schedule.

Today’s first game, New Zealand vs Slovakia had a totally epic finish. It was made all the more epic by the fact that New Zealand l, the team responsible for the epicness, was also responsible for a lot of the dullness in the game. Much like their neighbors Australia, they appeared pretty stiff and somewhat uncoordinated. To their credit, this game was the first time they didn’t allow a goal in the first half. They did give one up in the second half, and with their poor offense, it looked as if they were going to lose the match. Then came he epicness. In he last minute of stoppage time, minute 93, Winston Reid scored what I believe was his first World Cup goal to tie it up. I don’t think New Zealand was really expected to do well, but they surprised everyone with that in at the death goal.

I’m watching the Portugal vs Ivory Coast game now and so far its been OK. Neither team has made much progress yet, but he real story thus far has been Ronaldo. He had a blazing shot at goal that just barely missed and he also had some… colorful moments. He’s gone down a bunch, sometimes without even being hit! Granted, he is a target for obvious reasons but some of those falls were a bit mug. The confrontations hat they’ve produced win the other team has gotten him a yellow card along with yellow cards for two Ivory Coast players. Fun fact: it seems whenever they had a close up of any of the player’s faces, it seemed as if they were yelling “fuck off!” Its pretty hilarious. :D I fully expected Portugal to dominate this game, so I hope they can generate some real offense during the second half because aside from Ronaldo’s one shot on goal, hey really haven’t pressed the Ivory Coast much.

And now I sign off until tomorrow evening. I’m working till 8:30 tonight and then have to be back there at 5 AM tomorrow, so I wont get to catch up on the games until I get home around 2 PM. At least I have Thursday off. :\

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