The Perils of Music Download Subscriptions

Posted by Daljit of NORN on June 20th, 2010 filed in Enraged Owlbear, Stupid

So I just remembered that I had to download my tracks for eMusic for the month. I go to the site and as I do, I realize that I’ve got the dates wrong. Today’s the 20th, not the 19th! Crap, they expire today and the account refreshes for the new month! Now the exact time the account resets is different every month. It used to be a set time, but they’ve (deliberately, in my opinion) changed things so that the exact time is seemingly random. My reset time used to be around 4 PM back in the day, but its become pretty erratic the last several months. What this means is that when I went to the site today, I found that my account had resetband I was out my 50 downloads. Not the worst thing in the world, I suppose, but still annoying, as they’ve moved from a customer friendly to a customer hostile policy. Curse you, eMusic! You and your opaque policies! I’m really not a fan of customer disservice, you know?

I have a pretty good track record with them, though. I’ve only missed 2 months in 4-5 years, both for major events. The first was when I was in the middle of my move to MT. The second was now, while I’m being consumed by the World Cup. I have like 6 cards good for 100 downloads each that I got back before they halved the number of downloads you get for your monthly fee. I’m going to enjoy using those and sticking it to the man. ;)

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