Last day of classes!

Posted by Daljit of NORN on December 15th, 2005 filed in Fun

Fuck yeah, bitches! Not only is this the last day of classes for this semester, I also got two bits of wonderful news. First, I found out my marine bio final is NOT cumulative. On top of that, he gave us the required reading for it. It’s a lot, but shit, its better than being directionless. And the second bit of most wondrous, most glorious, absofuckinglutely fantastic news is that Dr. Hobbie, arguably the smartest man alive, told me my research presentation was very good.

Some background for you kids to help you understand how truly fucking amazing that is:

I attend go to school at Adelphi University. At this university, there is a professor named Dr. Hobbie. He does research there as well as teaching some classes. I took genetics with him. This man is smart. Smart. FUCKING SMART. This guy is a genius. I learned a lot in his class. This semester, I was doing research with another professor. It turns out that as part of the supervised research program, you’re expected to give a presentation detailing your findings and your experiment and stuff. Our experiment… lets just say that due to large scale equipment failure, our experiment didn’t really get of the ground. So I had to give a presentation on what now? On top of that, I only found out about the presentation less than two weeks before it was due. This is the recepie for disaster. Oh wait, I almost forgot. The presentation was to be given FOR THE ENTIRE BIO FACULTY. Yeah. And any students that wanted to attend. That was fucking nerve wracking.

I gave the presentation after some helpful coaching by my research professor, Dr. Weeks (another scary smart guy). I thought it went ok. Not great, but ok. I had INFINITE questions to answer from the staff, but hey, it wouldn’t be a horribly scarring experience without `em. One professor, who shall remain nameless, was hammering me with questions. I took it as a bad thing and rather adverserial. Afterwards, when speaking to my research professor, he assured me that it wasn’t a big deal and that the nameless one said I did well. I wasn’t entirely convinced, but whatever, I wasn’t going to pursue the matter. Not to say that my professor was wrong or anything, I just got a bad vibe from the nameless one.

To continue: Today, I go by the Bio office to drop of an assignment in a professor’s mailbox. As I’m leaving I see Dr. Hobbie, so I wave and say “Hi” because I like Dr. Hobbie. He stops me and I’m all like “Uh oh, I’m dead.” But no, no, I couldn’t have been further from the truth. He tells me that I did a fine job during the presentation and he enjoyed it. I almost wet my pants like an excited dog who just got the best dog biscuit ever. He then goes on to confirm what my professor had previously said; namely that the nameless one was not displeased in any way.

I went from what I thought was an ok presentation to a presentation that was well thought of by the smartest fucking man on the planet. This makes me giddy with delight.

Two unrelated closing notes:
1) The keyboard on a Dell Latitude D400 FUCKING BLOWS.
2) My friend David from Adelphi just suggested that I type that he’s an annoying kid who is bugging the shit out of me. I found this funny enough to immortalize in print. Hi David! Nice article in the Adelphi Magazine. ;)

UPDATE: I talked to Dr. Weeks, the professor I was doing the research for, and he had messages of high praise from the other Bio professors. And he told me he’s giving me an A. Boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, sirs and madams, zombies and pirates, I am giddy with delight.