It’s the end of the semester…

Posted by Daljit of NORN on May 21st, 2006 filed in Asteroid Pies

and I feel fine!

Since we last spoke, some fun things have happened:

  • A migrant worker in a car that can’t possibly have passed inspection failed to yield the right of way to me when I was already walking across the street (I was about halfway across) and came, quite literally, withing roughly 3 inches of plowing into me. I was crossing the street and this guy was making a left onto the street I was crossing. Rather than turn into the proper lane, which he had ample room to do, because I had already cleared that lane, he turned into the lane going in the opposite direction and nearly ran me over. Apparently he didn’t see me because he was stuffing his fat fucking face with what looked like a plain tortilla wrapped in aluminum foil. I kid you not. Luckily, if I had been hit, I would have received help right away. Why? Because the car behind him was an ambulance. The driver of it was yelling at the guy to stop before he hit me, but the guy didn’t hear him. I did, fortunately, and managed to jump out of the way at the last second. The asshole driver who almost hit me stopped, looked at me and shrugged, said “I’m sorry” in Spanish, and drove off. Yeah, I’m sorry too… I’m sorry you’re such a worthless sack of shit.
  • I graduate tomorrow! I’m going to that stupid ceremony which will last forever, but after that’s its over. Free from the tyranny of the past! If all goes well and I get into MSU, then I will be gone by the end of the summer and on my way to a PhD.
  • My bestest friend has come to visit and we’re going to Ceder Point! It’s America’s Rocking Roller Coast! I cannot wait to get there and become dizzy with roller coasterness.
  • Friday evening, the wind knocked over a tree on our lawn onto some power lines and killed my net connection and power to the house. I’m glad it fell in the direction it did… if it had fallen the other way, fucken thing would have crushed my Isabelle! Goddamn trees and their music. I shook my fist at it and it got off my lawn. Got power and intarnats back too.
  • My windows partition shat itself. When it did that, it also pissed all over my other partitions, corrupting their file allocation tables (I think). When I reformatted my C: drive, windows decided to swap the drive letters for my D: and E: drives and tell me that E: was unformatted and D: was inaccessible. When I rebooted, D: was accessible, but many of the files showed up as being 0 bytes. And each time I reboot, the drive assignments for drives that aren’t C: get switched around, and it decides to show me one hard drive’s contents and tell me the other needs formatting. I’m using Knoppix to recover my files and burn em to DVD. It’s odd that Windows can’t read it’s own file format, but some random Linux distro can, and will let me burn them to DVD to back up. I wish I had dual-layer disks, though. :( There’s a lot of data.

That about covers it for the last week or so. I still have to write up proper posts about Nornan III and Isabellle, but that can wait for when I get back from Cedar Point, America’s Rocking Roller Coast.

“From the rooftops shout it out: Baby, I’m ready to gooooooo!”
-Republica, “Ready to Go” (Theme for the Top Thrill Dragster)

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