Goddamn kids and their music scripting!

Posted by Daljit of NORN on June 4th, 2006 filed in Diagnostic Reports, Enraged Owlbear

Man, script kiddies need to die. Some fuckers have been carrying out DoS attacks on Dreamhost today, around the same time I was updating my software. Because of this, my site was fucked for a bit. I think the WordPress upgrade went ok, after I did some voodoo with my FTP client, but the Gallery software seems to be in some sort of magic no-no place. It still works (I think), it just won’t upgrade. I think. Fucken script kiddies need to go fornicate themselves with an iron pole.

EDIT #1: OK, it seems like Gallery is mildly broken. Upgrading it causes the site to shit itself. Restoring the backup of causes Gallery itself to work, as I can go to http://www.mytwistedmind.net/gallery/main.php and see my pictures, but the Random Image thing is returning an error. What fun I find for myself on Saturday nights. To think, I could be out engaged in such boring activities like rampant drinking, drug use, and anonymous sex. I sure dodged a bullet there!

EDIT #2: Never mind, then. On a hunch, I checked out Gallery’s configuration, and it seems it’s got a plugin for random images which decided to disable itself. I’ve re-enabled it and now it seems to work. I still can’t upgrade, but I really don’t care about that. Note to self: Don’t upgrade website software just because you’re bored, you fucking ass.

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