The N Files

Posted by Daljit of NORN on June 6th, 2006 filed in Asteroid Pies

Be warned, what you will see and read here will either open your mind to the dangers around you or drive you further into your shell of false reality. Some of it may sound unbelievable, but just because we don’t understand a thing does not make it impossible. The stories related in the files here are not to be taken lightly. Some may appear harmless, or even silly, but their evil is subtle and runs deep. The implications these files make are not for the faint of heart. Know that the thin veneer of reality will be scratched away, and the timeless horrors beneath will be laid bare. Lesser men may tremble at the thought, but The NORN Collective pushes forward, ever seeking to expose and destroy these hidden threats to our very existence.

Case File N-005: The Terrible Secret of “Rhode Island”
The place many people know as Rhode Island does not exist. This is a menacing evil that must be stopped. This file contains the true accounts of The NORN’s battle with Rhode Island. A series of engagements, I’m sad to say, we appear to be losing.

Case File N-003: Plants!
This section is about The Insidious Plant Rebellion that is brewing right under our collective noses. Read about these deranged daffodils and prepare yourself. This is perhaps the only conspiracy that doesn’t have any known ties to THEcM.

Case File N-002: Scooby-doobie-DIE!
This is the tale of an unlikely villan… Scooby Doo. Many people adore him and his partners in crime, Scrappy and Shaggy, but these people have been misled by their propaganda machine. Are you brainwashed fan, or a free-thinker?

Case File N-001: THEcM (The Huge Earth conspiracy Men)
THEcM and their evil henchmen, THEcY are responsible for almost all conspiracies worldwide. This file is still being declassified. Information will be posted as soon as it’s available.

If you have any tips on these files, or have any leads on other conspiracies send them to The NORNs in Black.

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