Stuff That’s Drad Vol. 1

Posted by Daljit of NORN on July 18th, 2006 filed in Stuff That's Drad

Today’s Stuff That’s Drad:

  1. Pint Pal
  2. Rocketboom
  3. Amanda UnBoomed

I find that the past week or so, I’ve been repeatedly asking myself “Why doesn’t anyone ever tell me about this stuff?” Rather than site and grouse about it, I’m going to make the effort to bring my (not so) startling discoveries to you, my (un)loyal reader!

First, we have the Pint Pal, a device I found out about in the last few minutes. When you think about it’s existence, it makes sense and isn’t all that amazing that it exists, yet I didn’t know for certain that such an item could and would in fact, be real. Sure, there are similar devices for keeping your drinks cool, but ice cream? I guess I never imagined my glutinous eat-a-pint-at-once ways extending to the mass market. Who knew? (Note: I’m aware that probably everyone knew. Shut up.)

Second, we have a website by the name of Rocketboom. They tell me it’s a video weblog. I’m not sure as to what makes this different from one of those two minute news briefs that some network channels used to show back in the day, aside from the fact that it’s infinitely more interesting. It’s a short show about… stuff that’s cool, I think. I haven’t seen very many episodes as I only found out about this thing yesterday, but they seem to give you a daily dose of fun in a nice streaming video format of your choice. It doesn’t hurt that the chick who serves as the host of the show is pretty hot and has a sweet accent. This show is fun and unique and that by itself would be enough to make me say “Why doesn’t anyone ever tell me about this stuff?” However, there’s more to this story! It would seem that this has been “on the air” as it were for some time. It was previously hosted by another smoking hot chick and from what I hear (now, after the fact!) is that the previous host and the guy who started it all had some sort of falling out and everything has gone to hell now. Or something. I’ve seen a few shows with the old girl and a few shows with the new girl, and yes, while the old girl is better, that doesn’t mean the new one sucks. She’s pretty good too. What I need to do now is catch up on the fucking YEAR AND A HALF of shows I’ve missed and wedge a few minutes in my daily routine to watch the new episodes of this. (Note: When I call this show a news show, I use the term “news” loosely. It’s much more fun and interesting than that.)

See, this is the kind of thing where I sigh in an exasperated manner and ask:


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