ZOMG I heart BJs!

Posted by Daljit of NORN on September 7th, 2006 filed in Enraged Owlbear

BJ’s Wholesale Club, that is. Gas prices here, as everywhere, have been pretty retarded. I’ve heard from several places that the national average is something like $2.86/gallon. I wish that gas was that cheap around here. We haven’t seen prices under $3.00 for 87 octane gas (our regular grade) since last year.


I went to BJ’s today to get gas. The one near me has a gas station where they sell cheap gas that’s even cheaper if you’re a member. I, of course, am a member. (Thanks Mom!) I paid $2.96 for the premium that Isabelle demands. If I still had Nornan III, I’d have paid $2.74. Compared to prices over the last year, that’s fucking cheap. Compared to prices that those of us remember from only a few years back, that’s like only having a slightly splintered broomstick jammed up your ass instead of a broomstick riddled with rusty nails jammed up your ass.

Personally I like the minimal splinter variety, were I to be given a choice between the two.

What really gets me is that BJ’s seems to be the only place where this lowering of gas prices is occurring across the board. At other stations, the 87 octane regular grade anywhere between 10 and 20 cents higher per gallon than it is at BJ’s. But their mid grade (89 octane) and premium (93 octane) prices have not moved a cent for the last three weeks. NOT ONE FUCKING CENT. The majority of stations, regardless of corporate affiliation or local franchise ownership seem to have locked their mid and premium prices at $3.15 and $3.25, respectively. BJ’s non-member pricing for premium is $3.05. That’s a bit more than what other stations are selling their regular gas for (and in a few cases is dead even with the competitors’ regular gas prices). Now I ask you, what the fuck is going on here? I don’t know about the rest of the country, but here you can’t escape the constant whining on a variety of media outlets (especially News12 Long Island) about the poor oppressed gas station owners who have razor thin margins because the big bad terrorists and the corporate office and liberals and foreign policy and [insert scapegoat here] is making them charge high prices.


You seem to have some decent prices for your regular gas. BJ’s is able to charge absurdly cheaper prices than you fuckers despite all the strife that you claim affects the oil industry as a whole. What I think is that you assholes have been making money hand over gas pump and are reluctant to give it up. I hope these fuckers drown in their filthy gasoline.

BJ’s Wholesale Club, I salute you!

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