“From the depths of my parents’ basement, I stab at thee, science jobs!”

Posted by Daljit of NORN on June 25th, 2007 filed in Enraged Owlbear, Work

Grad school is a bust (for now anyway), so I’m looking for a science type job so I can move the fuck out of the Black Hole of Despair I currently live in. There seems to be a slight problem with this, however. My current ass-tastic job, which consists of MAKING STACKS OF PAPER pays me $16.45/hr. For making stacks of paper. I cannot stress this enough: That is truly my job. There is no exaggeration at all. Assuming I can even find a science type job that doesn’t want 3-7 years of experience (and at this point I don’t even care what the job actually is, as long as it makes some kind of use of my BS in Bio), they pay, at most $12/hr. That’s a pretty hefty pay cut. Doing a little quick math tells me that $12/hr is not going to allow me to afford even a tiny ass studio here. My current salary actually is enough to get me either a large (hah!) studio or a small 1 bedroom apartment in the local area. But, my job is pretty lame. BUT, I hate living at home with the white hot fire of 1000 suns. I definitely want to stab something in the face and the way things are going it might just be my own face that I stab. So, I can either stay here and work at a job related to my education for several years until I get enough experience to get another job in my field that will actually pay me a livable wage, or I can embark on a wonderful career in corporate hell launched from my current paper stacking job and be able to move the fuck out. Choices are truly what makes life worth living!

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