December 2004

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12.16.04 | Froogle is Scary: Part 1

Welcome to the first installment of Froogle is Scary. For any of you sassy harlots that don’t know what it is by now, Froogle is Google’s shopping search engine. It compares prices across the web and displays them when you search for an item. On Froogle’s main page, it lists a bunch of recently searched for items. I happened to be at Froogle a little while ago and saw this:

(thumbnail removed due to retarded html issue)

(Click for a full size image)

I’ve numbered the things I’d like to talk about today.

1) Inflatable kayak? INFLATABLE FUCKING KAYAK?! Let me tell you, as someone who’s had INTIMATE FUCKING EXPERIENCE with the normal, full, non inflatable variety, AND BARELY LIVED TO TELL THE TALE, this is not something you want. That’s like saying “I’d like an express ticket to the afterlife please!” FUCK YOU KAYAKS. They are deathtraps and nothing more!


Posted by Daljit of NORN at 10:59 PM

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