My longest running post series ever!

Posted by Daljit of NORN on July 16th, 2007 filed in Asteroid Pies

So as a follow up to this post, which is a follow up to this post, I have decided on a third person for my list to replace the one I had to remove. Honestly, I don’t know why I didn’t think of her before, as she’s not exactly unfamiliar to me. And she’s hot. Very hot. And I’ve made mention of her on the site before! I have no explanation for this behavior other than being dropped on my head repeatedly as a child. So to whom do I refer? Eliza Dushku! Yes, like the other two women on my list, I would give up hot sauce and/or kill for her.

I have received a comment or two from some old friends who check the site once in a while and it saddens me to say that they too have a tough time wrapping their heads around that, but I think I finally have a way to easily explain this. You know how some couples have a short list of people where they tell their significant other that should one of the people on the list proposition them, they’d totally accept? Its like that. If I’m hanging out with you and one of these people pops out of the bushes and asks me to do something for them, whatever that might be, I would gladly do it. If that action resulted in your death, well… everyone’s gotta go some time, right? ;)

And hey, cheer up! It’s not all thunderstorms and farts! They might ask me to give up hot sauce or do something innocuous! You might even get to point and laugh at me! Just be aware that your satisfaction is not guaranteed.

I surely hope mine is. :D

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