October 2004

Posted by Daljit of NORN on October 9th, 2005 filed in Diagnostic Reports

10.01.04 | Shiny…

I like my new colors. Amazingly, I actually met the time frame I mentioned in my September 3rd post. I said I’d do it within a month, and I actually did. Just 2 days short of the deadline, but its an improvement when you consider I usually do these things two months past my arbitrary deadlines.

And now I’m going to try to do the Comments and Archives sections too!

EDIT: It seems as if I have an RSS feed and an Atom feed for this site. Since I’m only vaguely familiar with RSS and have no clue what Atom is, I couldn’t begin to tell you how they got here. My only guess would be that Movable Type put them there, and that they’ve always been there, and I just didn’t know how to access them. Well, I still don’t know how to access them. What I do know is that if you’re using the Firefox browser (Preview Version 1.0), then you will see an RSS icon appear in the status bar in the lower right hand corner. Click on it, and you can subscribe to either the RSS or Atom feeds and read them straight out of Firefox. I don’t think it matter which one you choose, since they seem to be the same thing. However, the colors are all wacky on them. I may be able to fix that, if I knew where the hell it was.

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