An Abusive Relationship

Posted by Daljit of NORN on January 5th, 2008 filed in Enraged Owlbear, Fun, Stupid

So Sharon just found a place where you can send the Google team comments about their photo organizer software Picasa. I would say that I have used Picasa, but that would not be accurate. More correctly, Picasa has used me. When I first got Picasa, I was bright eyed and full of hope. It looked like it would be really good! I had been searching for just the right software to handle my pictures for some time, and Picasa was like Princess Hotness riding to the rescue. I downloaded it and installed it, and that’s when things went wrong. I am considering sending the comments below to Google, so that maybe they can get some help for Picasa. I would hate to see others abused as I have been.

The web form asks: “Share how Picasa has changed the way you edit and share your photos. Send us your story.”

My proposed reply:
“How has Picasa changed the way I edit and share my photos? Simply put sirs, it has stopped me from partaking of either of those activities. I find that when I wish to organize photographs, being kicked in the Mean Bean Machineâ„¢ is a strong disincentive to do it again! Also, the prejudicial behavior shown by Picasa towards certain, seemingly random photos, taken with my various digital cameras which cause the program to either crash to the desktop or hang makes me drink to excess, which is clearly playing into Picasa’s hands, as now i am just as drunk as she is and wont mind the beatings so much. And the willful misreading of date stamps? The less said about that, the better. But I am strong. I am not an object to be abused. I have left Picasa, and now live in the shadowy underbelly of the world of digital photos. Sure, I still take new photos, but i keep them in simple directories (My Photos/[Name of Event]) on a hard drive that Picasa does not scan, safe from her prying eyes. I rarely share them, lest her sister, Google Talk, tell her of my infidelities. I most certainly refrain from editing them for that would certainly bring Picasa’s heavy, booze fueled backhand to fly across my face. In closing, i have been deeply psychologically impacted by Picasa and will never share and edit digital photos again. I hope you’re happy.”

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