Late Night Musings

Posted by Daljit of NORN on August 20th, 2008 filed in Asteroid Pies

Some recent thoughts, in no particular order:

  • Firefox 3 may have a reduced memory footprint, but that doesn’t mean it still doesn’t have sieve-like leaking qualities from time to time
  • Drum and Bass is freaking sweet. Going through my archives, I listened to and old mix (2-13-06) for Dave The Rave’s Liquid Lounge. It has to be one of his best, and there’s a song that starts around 36 minutes in that is pure aural sex. Totally full of win.
  • I bet I would have lost more than 15 pounds in the past 2 months if I would just lay off the damn Taco Bell. But I mean, it’s Taco Bell. Not exactly fine dining, but still damn good. Also, that bowl of fries covered in melted cheese and bacon I had the other day before the movie? Probably not a great idea either.
  • Once I’m certified at my current job and the experience raise (or whatever the hell they’re calling it) kicks in sometime in the next month or so, I am totally gonna build myself a super sweet computer. Can’t wait!
  • Saw some people from my old Geico days today. That was interesting. I suspect the potential for future tomfoolery is high!

I know that there’s maybe 3 people max (an actual estimate and not a made up number!) who occasionally check this site, so sometimes I think “I should update more often.” After thinking that thought however, I start to think “Really, who am I trying to impress.” Recently, however, I’ve come to start saying to myself “It would be nice if I had at least one long term project that I more or less kept up with.” I think I should maybe start with recovering those old posts I thought I’d lost. I think that would be a good start. Maybe I can even get a post or two out of it detailing the restoration process. Speaking of good post topics, I should probably post an edited version of the e-mail I sent Luis detailing my drive back to NY. I never want to take another road trip ever again. It’s air travel for me from here on out! It would be awesome if we still had large scale blimp travel. That would be so cool.

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