Bliggity blogs, facey spaces, and tweety pages

Posted by Daljit of NORN on December 26th, 2009 filed in Diagnostic Reports, Fun

I think I may well be one of the cool kids now. I’ve had this bliggity blog since Nornan only knows when, but just recently, I got myself a facey space and a tweety page too. And wouldn’t you know it, the tweety page has a whatsadoodle that makes all of these three things link together in some arcane and black magic way. (OK, so what it really does is just display my last 4 Twitter updates on my blog and Facebook wall, but considering it took about 12 seconds to set up said integration, it may as well be black magic.) You know, I should probably get on writing up that Electric Zoo trip. And resurrecting the pre-2004 archives. And rounding out the beatstick section. If people are going to come look at this place, the cobwebs should be cleared away, right? Man, social interaction is hard! :(

On a sort of related note, I heard from an old school member of The NORN Collective not too long ago. It was TOTALLY AWESOME! So many fond memories from those days! All because I started a cult participated in an early form of social networking.

Hey, is that what all this social interaction stuff is? I can totally do that! :D

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